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How Much Does It Cost To Get a Wikipedia Page

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia is a name that’s not unknown to anyone in the world with an internet connection. It is a one-stop solution for all people’s questions related to anything in the world. It has all the answers that one might need, and the best part is that it is accessible to all people across the world. Anyone with a stable internet connection can access Wikipedia and find an answer to what they are looking for. 

It is the largest encyclopedia of the digital age and reaches billions of views each year. Not just that but with high search engine optimization, Wikipedia is always among the top five names that pop out on a google search result. Many people question who puts all this information and creates all these pages on Wikipedia. Well, the answer is people who use it. Yes, Wikipedia is a user-generated platform where the reader, editor, and writer, all is the user. 

Wikipedia gives open access to anyone in the world who knows how to create a Wikipedia page to create one. Not just that, but anyone can edit an existing Wikipedia page. So, the information always comes from the public. However, that does not mean the information is not credible, it is, and that’s because of Wikipedia policies and guidelines that must be followed for all page creations. 

So, now that you know anyone can have a Wikipedia page, we are sure that you must be wondering if you can get a page for yourself. Well, that dream could be true! Learn how to create a Wikipedia page for yourself. You might also be thinking, how much would it cost for you to have a Wikipedia page? Well, Wiki Specialist Inc. is here to guide you with that! 

Here we have mentioned everything you would need to know about the cost of making a Wikipedia page so that you can strategize your plan to be on Wikipedia; 

Cost of Getting A Wikipedia Page 

Whenever you purchase a thing or service, you pay a cost. Everything has a different cost, and that cost is influenced by many different factors based on the thing you want. So just like that, to get a Wikipedia page for your business or even for yourself, you need to pay a cost. But the question remains, how much does it cost to get a Wikipedia page? 

Well, the answer depends on your requirements from the page. But before we get into that, let us make it clear that Wikipedia is a free-of-cost platform. It does not charge any user to edit, write, or read on Wikipedia. Wikipedia treats all its writers and editors as contributors to the site and does not charge them for creating pages and writing content. 

Now, we are sure you must be confused that if Wikipedia is free-of-cost, then why are we here discussing the cost of creating a Wikipedia page? 

The cost of creating a Wikipedia page is approx 450$ to 2999$ and its article ranges between 800$ to 999$; it is for those who take the easier option and use third parties to create the page for them. The cost is charged by these third parties to make sure you get a top-notch Wikipedia page. You might think that since Wikipedia does not charge you, it is better to do the job yourself rather than spend money to get it done. While it is a good thought, making a Wikipedia page is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of learning and taking care of little things.

Even though Wikipedia is an easy-to-use platform, creating a page requires following a lot of policies and guidelines. Not just that, but if you are new to Wikipedia, you might not be able to understand the criteria clearly and risk getting denied with page creation requests. Wikipedia runs a few tests on any new page before approving it to be on the site and to clear those tests, you need to understand Wikipedia dynamics. You need to learn how to get a Wikipedia page approved and practice all the tips to get the minimum risk. 

So, when you get into all these complicated and detailed processes, many people prefer getting it done with professionals. The cost is still bearable for people to go through all these processes. Also, there’s also the minimum risk of getting the page approved if you get it done with the help of professionals. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Wikipedia Page (Important Factors)

The cost charged by the third party varies as per the requirements of your Wikipedia page. It can be different for each person or business. Here we have listed the factors that influence the cost you will have to pay for creating a Wikipedia page; 

1. Notability 

As you already know, Notability is one of the most important aspects of creating a Wikipedia page. Your notability determines whether the page you want to create on Wikipedia will be approved or not. Not just that, but Wikipedia does not allow creating a page without having a notable online presence on other online platforms. 

More importantly, the process to create a Wikipedia page for a business or a person is quite easier when they have good notability compared to those who don’t. For a notable firm or individual, the estimated cost of creating a Wikipedia page is around $600 to $1500. 

In this cost, everything will be included, from creating your page to adding content to citations to formatting according to Wikipedia structure for articles. Moreover, since it will be done by Wikipedia experts, they will follow everything according to Wikipedia’s criteria to make sure the page gets approved by the site. 

2. Lack of Notability 

We just mentioned to you the cost you would have to pay for your Wikipedia page if you have a notable online presence, but what if you don’t? What if you don’t meet the notability criteria set by Wikipedia and your online presence is near zero? Will that mean you cannot have a Wikipedia page? 

Well, initially, no, you cannot have a Wikipedia page without enough notability. But, you don’t have to worry because all you need to do is hire a professional that will first build your online notability through search engine optimization, and then they will create the page for you. This might be a little more costly than the notability factor because this involves adding your name not just to Wikipedia but also to other online platforms to make you eligible for Wikipedia. 

The average cost to create a Wikipedia page for those people and businesses who lack an online presence range between $1000 and $2500 for Wikipedia professionals. 

3. Writing about a Person 

Lastly, another factor that might influence the cost you would have to pay for creating a Wikipedia page is who you want the page to be. If it is about your business, then you might get done within $1500-$2000 at max. However, if it is about a person, or rather we say, if it is a biography, this cost will increase. 

To write about a person (living or dead), Wikipedia has a few additional policies and guidelines that a writer has to follow. Not just that, but since Wikipedia has a neutral point of view rule, the writer has to be careful about everything they are writing on the page. They need to maintain neutrality and remain bias-free while making the content interesting for the readers. 

Not just that, but writing about a person indicates the credibility sensors even more. You cannot write anything about the individual if you don’t have a credible and reliable secondary source to back that up. So, there’s more research in creating biographies than generally writing a page about anything. 

The price range for writing a Wikipedia page about a person starts at $600 and goes up to $3000 based on how notable the person is. The less notable the individual is, the higher the charges would be to create a Wikipedia page for them. 

Who To Hire? 

Now that you know the factors that determine the cost of creating a Wikipedia page for yourself or your business, the next step in learning how much it costs to get a Wikipedia page is to learn about who to give the job to. There are a few options for you to choose from while choosing the right place to get done with your Wiki page creation. Please note that these options vary from price to price. Here we have listed a few of these options that you need to consider; 

1. Professional Writers 

This is the digital age where every job has its own significance. For the past few years, the writing industry has been flourishing thanks to people’s requirements to add content to the web and Wikipedia. There is a full-fledged community of writers that are dedicated to creating Wikipedia pages for people who want to get themselves and their businesses on the world’s largest online encyclopedia. They know all about Wikipedia community guidelines and do their jobs perfectly. 

So, if you are looking for creating a Wikipedia page for yourself or your business, you can hire one of these professional writers. You can get this task done with the help of these writers, beginning at $180 and going up to $1200. The range is decided as per the experience of the writer and the success rate of creating approved Wikipedia pages. A few writers would have just begun their journey as professional writers and would charge you less, while others would have a full-fledged portfolio to show you and a low chance of risking your page for approval. 

2. Wiki Agencies 

The second option that you can consider is consulting a Wikipedia specialist agency in order to get the job done. There are numerous online agencies that work just to create and publish Wikipedia pages for individuals and businesses. These agencies have specialized in the process of Wiki page creation and know Wikipedia guidelines and policies the best. 

They have teams of Wikipedia experts, writers, and editors that not only create pages for you but also get the content ready, edit it, publish it, and take responsibility to maintain it and keep it updated. The price range for creating a Wikipedia page through these agencies ranges from $800 to $1500. You might wonder if this price is way higher than the previous option we gave you for hiring writers. Well, the reason is that these agencies take full responsibility for creating your Wikipedia page from scratch, publishing it, and maintaining it. While Wikipedia writers, their main work is associated with content creation, you would still have to take the ride through the process. 

Hiring Professional Editors 

While we have briefly explained the different costs for different ways to create a Wikipedia page, let us also explain to you the cost if you don’t need to create a page but edit an existing one. For that, you can hire professional editors and tell them your requirements and get the job done for $400 to $800. The exact price depends on the level of editing you want and how many edits there are to be made. 

The Bottom Line 

We are sure you might be wondering whether spending hundreds of dollars to create a Wikipedia page for yourself or your business is worth it or not. Well, believe us, it is worth it. You will be getting listed as the world’s largest source of information which would help you get global recognition. 

If you are looking for an agency to create a Wikipedia page for you or your business, we have the best option for you. Wiki Specialist Inc. is not just any Wikipedia agency; it is the one where you can get all your work done by the experts, and that too at the most reasonable prices. We provide all Wikipedia services, from page creation to writing content to editing. Call us now and let us know what service you want to avail yourself of! 


Yes, when you hire a professional service to make a Wikipedia page, you need to pay them based on the services you are using. See Wikispecialist Inc. to find the best packages at the most reasonable prices.

The cost of getting a Wikipedia page depends on what services you are using and which professional service you have hired to accompany you. The cost of creating a wiki page is approx 450$ to 2999$, and its article ranges between 800$ to 999$.

Check out our packages at Wiki Specialist Inc. and find out how much it would cost you to create a Wikipedia page. We have a range of packages at the most reasonable prices.
Wikipedia does not charge any fees for creating a page. However, the service you will be hiring to get you a page will charge you a bit for creating a page on Wikipedia.
The cost of creating each Wikipedia page is different and could be determined by the following factors;
      1. Notability
      2. Lack of Notability
      3. Writing about a Person
To edit an existing Wikipedia page, you need to get a professional Wikipedia editor from Wiki Specialist Inc. You can get the job done for $400 to $800. However, the exact price depends on the level of editing you want and how many edits there are to be made.

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