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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Yourself?


While scrolling through Wikipedia in search of your answers and looking at pages for different people across the globe, have you ever wished to create a Wikipedia page for yourself? Well, if yes, then what are you waiting for? Take a look at this brief guide prepared by Wiki Specialist Inc. on how to make a Wikipedia page of yourself and get started today!

Wikipedia is one of the most-viewed websites on the internet, with millions of people reaching out every day in search of answers and information. It is the largest encyclopedia that is easily accessible to people from all across the globe. No matter what part of the world you are in or what language you speak, if you have a stable internet connection and a device such as a smartphone, PC, or laptop, you can get into Wikipedia. 

It is a global website that is run by user-generated content, where both the reader and the writer are from the audience. From making profiles and writing articles to edit the existing articles, it can all be done by any user across the world. 

However, before you start looking for how can I make a Wikipedia page about myself, you need to look out for whether you are eligible for a Wikipedia page or not. While anyone can write, create, and edit on Wikipedia, they must follow the rules set by Wikipedia in order to be eligible to get their page approved. 

So the first thing for you to do is, instead of looking for how do I create a Wikipedia page for myself, start researching Wikipedia’s eligibility criteria and learn the guidelines set by the site. 

Take a look at the following guide; 

The Most Important Criteria: Notability 

Whether you can create a Wikipedia page for yourself or not depends completely on whether or not you meet the notability criteria for Wikipedia. Millions of people across the world use Wikipedia as a source of information. Thus, Wikipedia does not allow any content that is not reliable or might lead to the spreading of false information. 

Since you are a person, you must make sure you pass the standards of Wikipedia People’s Notability criteria to make a Wikipedia article of yourself. As per Wikipedia, the person on whom the article is being written must be worthy of notice, which means he or she must have some significant recognition and must have done something that indicates that this person deserves the chance to be on Wikipedia. 

While anyone can create a Wikipedia account and build a page, when it comes to how to get a Wikipedia page about yourself, you might have to face a few hurdles. Firstly, this is pretty obvious that if the page is about you, the article title would also be after your name. But the catch here is whether your name is notable enough to get an independent article. Are there enough valid and credible sources on the internet to back up the information you will put under this title? If yes, then having your own name as the article’s title is acceptable. 

However, if not, you are not eligible to make a Wikipedia article about yourself under your name as the article title. 

In these cases, you can add your name to the article content of some other articles. For example, if you are a part of an organization, or you have been a part of a certain event or highlight. 

The Basic Notability 

While looking up how can I create a Wikipedia page about myself, it is highly important to understand the basic notability criteria that you need to meet to get eligible for the request. As per the basic notability, a person is only considered notable if they have prominent online visibility. Moreover, having mentioned on some random internet pages is not enough; they need to be recognized by reliable and published secondary resources

You can use primary sources to add information to the article, but to meet the notability standards, they will be of no help. 

Who Can Have A Wikipedia Page? 

If you want to create a Wikipedia page for yourself, you need to make sure that you meet any of the following standards to be eligible to have an independent Wikipedia article. People who fall under the following categories are considered highly notable as per the Wikipedia additional notability standards and are allowed to have independent articles with their names as article titles. 

However, note that even if you don’t meet any of these categories, that would not mean that you are not notable; you can be. But your chances of a Wikipedia page about yourself might get too minimized. 

Biography Worthy

If your goal is to create a Wikipedia page for yourself and write a biography on yourself, you must meet the following criteria;  

  • You must have earned a great achievement and have won a significant award. The significance of the award must be recognized by the world. For example, the Nobel Prize or Oscars.  
  • You must have made a significant contribution that has changed the dynamics of how people saw things. For example, Charles Darwin gave the concept of evolution. 
  • You have made it to your country’s national biographical dictionary. Each country has a separate set of standards for a biographical dictionary. In this dictionary, each country has a range of biographies of the important and significant people of that particular country. 


If you are an academic person, then the chances of you getting successfully approved to make a Wikipedia article about yourself are pretty good. According to Wikipedia, the following individuals successfully meet the academics criteria for notability

  • A researcher whose research has had major contributions in their respective field of study and that contribution has been recognized by credible and reliable sources on the internet. 
  • A person who has received a highly significant and reputable award or certificate in the field of academics, such as the Nobel Prize or Bruce Medal, etc. 
  • A person who has been chosen to be a part of an exclusive and prestigious academic organization or a scholarly society. 
  • An individual who has founded a new area of academics or has established a reputable academic institution. 
  • The person who has founded a field of study or is known as the father of the particular field of academia. For example, Adam Smith is the father of economics. 

Creative Industry 

Wikipedia allows the creation of articles with the name of people who are in the creative fields. These would include professions such as authors, filmmakers, photographers, artists, actors, journalists, etc. 

If you belong to any of these professions and match the following artist notability criteria, you can add a request to make a Wikipedia article about yourself;

  • An individual who is recognized, quoted and cited by others in the same field. For example, an author such as Shakespeare has been quoted by numerous other writers, poets, and even filmmakers making him one of the most notable authors on Wikipedia.
  • The person who has developed a new concept or theory in the field that is well-recognized and accepted by most part of the societies. Now, here, you might get confused and mix this up with academics. While academic theories and concepts are different, here, we are talking about creative concepts. For example, the filmmaker who introduced a new genre of movies that has been recognized and followed by the world.  
  • An individual who has created a piece of art, whether it’s a tangible creation such as a beautiful painting or an artifact or an intangible creation like a movie or a TV series.

Music & Entertainment 

We can’t ignore that there is a broad category of musicians and entertainers on Wikipedia. Wikipedia allows creating independent pages for musicians and entertainers who; 

  • Have a recognizable presence among the public. Musicians who have done reputable live performances, have been featured on Music videos, and have their own music albums. Entertainers such as actors and models who have been part of notable movies, television series, and fashion shows and have at least national-level recognition. 
  • They have been awarded for best performing in their own fields. For example, best actor or best singer. 


Sports is one of the most rising industries in our world. From players getting a global fan base to games being played internationally, sports have gained popularity to a great extent in the past few decades. If you belong to the sports industry and aim to create a Wikipedia page for yourself, you need to fall under the following notability criteria

  • A sportsperson who has been recognized by several credible secondary sources as the master of their field. 
  • A player who has individual recognition apart from the team he plays with due to his extraordinary playing skills and awards—for example, Cristiano Ronaldo. 
  • A sportsperson who has been in the field for a few years and has led their teams to win quite a few times. 

Steps You Need To Follow 

If you belong to any of the above-mentioned industries and meet even one of the notability criteria, creating a Wikipedia page for yourself will get easier for you. Now, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps to get everything ready; 

Step 1: Account and Page Creation 

Start by creating your account on Wikipedia; simply get into the create account tab and fill in the details, get your email verified, and there you have your account ready. Now, you have to wait for four days before you can start editing on Wikipedia. 

Start by editing a few existing pages that you can relate to and add your name to these pages in order to build your reputation on Wikipedia. Now, let’s get to the article creation; 

Search the title you want to have on your page; of course, since it is a page about yourself, the title will be your name. Wait for Wikipedia to show either a blue or a red link for your title to show the availability of your searched title. The blue one means it is unavailable, and the red one would mean your name is available. Getting a blue link is highly rare when attempting to create a Wikipedia page for yourself, but even if you do, try adding in your middle name or last name to get the red link. 

Step 2: Writing the Article 

Now that you have your account and your title ready, all left is to design and write your article. When you request on writing an article, Wikipedia opens a window that gives you two options; either write on article wizard or sandbox. The article wizard is the final draft, while the sandbox is where you can practice writing. We would suggest, if this is your first time writing a Wikipedia article, go with the Sandbox. 

Create unique content but don’t use any kind of original content because Wikipedia does not allow original content. Only use the information for which you have credible sources to back up. Keep your tone neutral because the moment your article starts to sound biased, that’s where you have written it to rejection. 

Once you are done with writing, cite all the references that you have used throughout the article. Proofread it once or twice to make sure there are no errors in the article. 

Step 3: Submission for Approval 

This is your last step on the ladder of learning how to create a Wikipedia page of yourself; submission. Once you are 100% satisfied with your article, submit it on article wizard and let Wikipedia run the notability and credibility test on your article. You need to wait for approval before your article gets published, and well this could take up to months because of the thousands of pending requests for articles. 

The Bottom Line 

Wikipedia rules for recognition. No matter who you are, if you have enough recognition on the internet, you can easily create a Wikipedia page for yourself. It is a dream of every individual to have a page of themselves on the world’s largest encyclopedia, and Wiki Specialist Inc. is here to help you fulfill that dream. All you need to do is contact us now and give us all your details, and our team of Wikipedia experts will look into everything else. From creating your Wikipedia account to writing the article and that too by following all Wikipedia guidelines, we will be at your service! Visit our website today


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