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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Someone

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for Someone 

For decades, Wikipedia has been answering all the questions from people across the world. From a question on the ancient history of a country to the achievements of a successful personality to updates on your favorite TV series, Wikipedia has all the information. Currently, it is a site with approximately fifty-five million articles and pages. 

But have you ever wondered what more you can do on Wikipedia other than just finding answers and reading? How about creating your own profile and learn on how to start a Wikipedia page for someone. You can use your creativity and skills to get recognition on Wikipedia, and since it is an open for all platform, this would not be a problem at all. 

Writers from all across the world are creating pages and profiles on Wikipedia, and once you learn how to create a Wikipedia page for someone, we are sure you will also be one of them. It is one of the fastest-growing communities on the internet because of easy access and global recognition. Being a Wikipedian is a pride, and if you want to be one of them, follow our simple guide on how to create a Wikipedia page for someone; 

The Difference B/W “For someone” and “On Someone” 

When you start looking for answers on how to create a Wikipedia page for someone, make sure that you are clear on whether you want to create a page for someone or your goal is to find ways how to make a Wikipedia page on someone, because there’s a difference in both questions. 

When it is about creating a Wikipedia page for someone, it would mean that you are working for someone and that someone has asked you to do the work for them. This phenomenon is termed Wikipedia paid editing in the Wikipedia dictionary. This concept will mean that you are a hired editor or writer that has to follow certain guidelines in order to create a Wikipedia page for someone. It could be about that person itself or about anyone else, you ought to follow the guidelines specified by them. 

Now, let’s get to the next concept, how to make a Wikipedia page on someone. When we mean on, we mean the subject of your writing. It would mean that you are writing a page about someone targeting that someone as the main point of focus of your Wikipedia page. It could be a dead person or a living person, but make sure to look for the Wikipedia guidelines because it has rules for both. 

The Basic Steps 

No matter whether you are creating a Wikipedia page for yourself or for someone, or even for your business, the basic steps will remain the same. It will all begin by creating your account on Wikipedia because without that; you cannot perform any task on the platform except for reading. 

Once you have a verified Wikipedia account, you are now eligible to write or edit any Wikipedia page. However, you will need to find a page title that is available on Wikipedia. Usually, to create a Wikipedia page for someone, the page title is often restricted as it must be the name of a person or a title that describes them the best. 

You can find the existence of the title through the Red/blue linking on Wikipedia, where the red link will indicate the availability of the given title, and the blue link would mean the title is already taken. 

Moreover, to be able to create a Wikipedia page for someone, you must prove their existence on the online ground. Wikipedia has a strong policy for notability and does not allow noncredible titles to be published. If you want to edit and write on a particular topic, you need to make sure it has online visibility. On the minimum scale, it must be cited on at least 7 online sources to make it notable as per Wikipedia notability policy.  

Wikipedia Guidelines You Must Follow 

When you are done following the basic steps to start a Wikipedia page for someone, you are halfway through your Wikipedia journey. Now, the next phase is all about generating Wikipedia standard content and submitting it for approval. 

To ensure approval, you must follow a few Wikipedia guidelines. Don’t worry; these guidelines are pretty simple and straightforward and will help you succeed in your attempt to create a Wikipedia page for someone. 

You Must Be Clear With Your Content 

The most important aspect to start a Wikipedia page for someone is the content you put on that page. Just creating an account on Wikipedia is of no use if you are not able to create content that could be contributed to this global encyclopedia. 

The content that you put on your page reflects the goals of the page and is viewed by millions of people globally. As per the Wikipedia content guideline, it must be clear. This means that the writing style and information you are using must be toned down to the layman’s aspect that will help you convey it to a broader audience. You need to ease your information and fit it into a landscape of a common Wikipedia user in order to make sure that it is benefiting all! 

A pro tip to creating a Wikipedia page for someone is to add the photographic image of that person to gain a better score in the Wikipedia authenticity index. 

Write Precisely but Accurately 

When writing content on a Wikipedia page, you need to understand that it will not help you if you start using the jargon of words that create no sense at all. It will decrease the readability of your page, and it will not be useful for anyone. Wikipedia encourages writers to create precise yet credible content. Use your information in a precise manner and prove its credibility by adding the cited source for it, and that’s how you will be able to have the best ranking Wikipedia page for someone. 

No Original Content 

If you think that to start a Wikipedia page for someone, you will need to acquire special writing skills and produce original content, you are wrong! Wikipedia does not allow the posting of any kind of original content because it is an encyclopedia and not a blog post. It requires credible posting of articles that must have reliable primary and secondary references. 

You cannot input your own ideas, opinions, views, and claims into the content you post. If you want to add any information, you must find a credible online resource for it, or else it would be rejected by Wikipedia. 

Follow the Template

The next step in your Wikipedia journey to create a Wikipedia page for someone is to find the template that fits the best for your title. Wikipedia has a brief list of article templates for different categories of articles. However, since your aim is to create a Wikipedia article about a person, you will follow the following article template; 


Since Wikipedia is accessible to a global audience and is an open site where anyone from around the globe can edit and write a page, Vandalism is one of the most noticed problems in the content. As per Wikipedia, Vandalism occurs when someone negatively edits a Wikipedia page and adds information that might attack the subject’s reputation. It includes adding controversies, allegations, and personal statements that might directly attack the person. 

While many competitors use this technique to bring their rivals down, we strongly disapprove of this act because not only does it counts under cyber harassment, but it also results in account blockage on Wikipedia. 

Conflict Of Interest 

Just like vandalism, there’s another concept highlighted in Wikipedia guidelines that might cause a hassle on your journey to make a Wikipedia page for someone, and that’s a conflict of interest. The conflict of interest occurs when a writer or editor on Wikipedia writes a page or edits it based on a biased point of view and might include a personal connection to the subject. 

There are higher chances of the occurrence of Conflict of Interest when you have to write a Wikipedia article about someone you are related to, for example, a family member or a friend. This is why we highly recommend hiring a professional Wikipedia writer to write the content for you and avoid the risk of conflict of interest. 

The Five Pillars of Wikipedia

When it comes to creating a Wikipedia page for someone, Wikipedia has five basic principles that need to be followed to ensure the maximum chances of approval and long-term reputation on Wikipedia. These five fundamental principles are also considered the pillars for building a Wikipedia page for someone or about someone.  

If you aim to be a successful Wikipedia writer with high page approval rates, we would suggest to learn all these pillars to the core and memorize it as your Wikipedia base! 

1.      Consider Wikipedia as an Encyclopedia 

Often learning how to make a Wikipedia page for someone, writers and editors forget that Wikipedia is not a marketing platform or a press release magazine. It is an encyclopedia and must be treated as one. You must understand that the purpose of an encyclopedia is to provide sourced information about a particular subject, and that’s it! 

It is not about adding controversies or news or selling the users a business’s products and services. Nor is it a platform for adding debates and viewpoints. If you are not able to understand what an encyclopedia is and how and what information is placed in an encyclopedia, you must go through it before starting to write on one because with a lack of understanding, you might end up creating a blog post instead of Wikipedia article which will definitely get rejected in the end. 

2.      The Importance of a Neutral Point of View 

Whenever you are writing or editing on Wikipedia, make sure that you are doing that from an unbiased neutral point of view. The minute you will start adding your personal views and opinions to the article, you will start raising questions about the credibility of your Wikipedia page. 

You need to keep in mind that neutrality is not just among the five fundamental pillars but also among the three core policies of Wikipedia, hence, it is extremely important and non-negotiable. If you believe that you cannot be neutral on the subject you are writing for, it is better to hire professional Wikipedia writers to do the job for you! 

3.      Wikipedia Is a Free Platform for All

Even if you are a creator of the Wikipedia page for someone, you are not the owner of the article. In fact, no one is the owner of any article on Wikipedia because it is an open-for-all global platform where anyone can read, write, or edit any article. As per the Wikipedia policy of content ownership, not even the subject of the article has any kinds of ownership rights over the content of the article. No person, writer, or editor can add copyright claims on a Wikipedia article and cannot claim ownership of it! 

4.      Respect for Other Editors and Writers 

There will often be times on your Wikipedia journey that you might have disagreements with fellow writers and editors but that will not mean that you disrespect them and create a negative conflict with them. Wikipedia dictates each writer and editor practice civility toward one another and has a particular set of ways that are used to sort the conflicts between two writers or editors. 

You need to understand that your responsibility as a Wikipedian is to provide accurate information, and whoever among the two writers involved in the conflict has a reliable source for their views and statements must be allowed to make the edit, and the other one must accept it! 

5.      Nothing Is a Print on Stone 

Whatever is written on Wikipedia is not permanent, whether it is their policies or guidelines or an article post, nothing is carved on a stone, and can be edited. While anyone can edit the article content, only the founders and managers can edit the policies. 

The Bottom Line

We hope that this guide was enough to answer your ultimate question of how can you create a Wikipedia page for someone. However, still if you have any queries and need someone to perform the service for you, Wiki Specialist Inc. is your best choice for that. Not only will we answer all your Wikipedia related questions but we are rated as the best service for providing Wikipedia writing, page creation, and editing service! Contact us now and get your Wikipedia job done at the lowest price range!


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