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How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist

How to Create a Wikipedia Page for an Artist


Being an artist, you are already surviving in a very competitive industry. Whether you are a musician, a painter, an actor, or run a band, the art industry in the world has a lot of competition and the only way to succeed is to get recognition. Not just only by your work but by your personality as well. You need to make sure the world knows who you are as a person and as an artist. 

Moreover, in this age, having a name in the physical world is not enough, you need to have a notable presence in the digital world too. The world population has shifted more towards the digital world of the internet than the physical world. From finding answers to basic daily life queries to knowing about a person to even shopping, everything is done online. 

Hence, in such a situation, to be globally recognized, it is highly important for an artist to have an online presence. With that point on board, the best platform an artist can use to get their online visibility is Wikipedia. 

With billions of people using Wikipedia to look up answers and more than fifty-nine million articles written on the platform from people all across the globe, Wikipedia is rated as the largest online encyclopedia in the world. Not only that, whenever a user searches for anything, Wikipedia is always on the top 5 search results. 

For example, when you search for Pablo Picasso on google, the first search result is a link to the Wikipedia profile of the artist. 

How to Get a Wikipedia Artist Page 

As an artist, we are sure that you might not have an as detailed idea of the digital world because you will be busy experimenting with creativity and beauty. So, when it comes to creating a Wikipedia page for an artist, you might have many questions. For example, How to make a Wikipedia page for an artist. Well, don’t worry; while there’s always an option of hiring a professional Wikipedia expert, we have also prepared the following guide to help you in this regard. 

Let’s get into ways to create a Wikipedia page for an artist; 

The Basic Steps for All 

Before we begin with the specified steps to create a Wikipedia page for an artist, let’s get into the basic steps that every Wikipedia user has to follow. No matter whether you are creating a Wikipedia profile for an artist, a businessman, a brand, or even a place, these steps need to be followed for all. 

Step 1: Account Creation


Before you begin researching how to get a Wikipedia artist page, you need to make sure you enter the Wikipedia world by creating an account on Wikipedia. This account will be your gateway to the inside world of Wikipedia, where you can edit, write, and create different Wikipedia pages. 

Go to the create account option and fill in your details, verify your email, and there you have your Wikipedia account ready to get back to work! Also, the best part is that anyone can create an account on Wikipedia regardless of who you are and where you are, and it is free, so you will not have to pay any kind of account creation fees. 

As the founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, says, 

“Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That’s what we are doing.”


Step 2: Exist Before Creating 

Before you move on to create a Wikipedia artist page, it is important to meet the principle of notability set by Wikipedia. Wikipedia does not allow original or fresh content to post, so whatever you are writing about or creating a profile on, there must be enough online presence of it to meet the notability guidelines of Wikipedia. 

There’s a good chance that if you don’t have enough online visibility, your profile request might get rejected by Wikipedia. So, before an artist tries to make it on Wikipedia, they must get noticed on a few more reliable internet sources to reach the levels of credibility required by Wikipedia. 

We are sure that this condition of notability might have scared you off, and you might have stopped your search on how to create a Wikipedia page for a celebrity; well, don’t worry, we have a solution for it. 

Simply, you need to start as an editor on Wikipedia and make changes to a few already existing pages on Wikipedia and add your given title to it. So, instead of spending time researching how to create a Wikipedia page for a musician or how you can make a Wikipedia page for your band, find a Wikipedia page for bands and musicians and add your title to the list. 


Step 3: Find Your Title 

Once you have successfully passed the notability criteria of Wikipedia, it is time for you to move on and start with your title search. Keep in mind that Wikipedia does not allow two pages with the same title. So, if you already have an artist or actor profile on Wikipedia, you cannot have another one with the same name. 

Start looking for your title on the search bar and wait for the link shown below. If you get a red link that will indicate that the title you searched for is unique and can be used. However, having a blue link will be a sign for you to look for other options because the title you have been searching for is already taken. 


Step 4: Start Writing Your Article 

Once you have successfully passed the first three steps, you can take a breath of sigh because you have passed the hard steps. However, this does not mean that it is finished. The next phase of how to make a Wikipedia page for an artist is more about the content you will be writing on your page. 

To address the question of where can you write your article on Wikipedia to make a Wikipedia page for an artist, you have two options; 

Work on Article Wizard 

The Article Wizard is the box where you write the article on Wikipedia for the final attempt. This is from where it goes to the publication. If you think you have pro writing skills and your article will be good enough to publish even within the first attempt, open the article Wizard on Wikipedia and start writing your article on it. 

Once you are done with your complete article and have added all the links and references, submit your article with the submit tab located at the end. 

Work on Sandbox 

When you are not sure if you want to directly work on the Article Wizard, Wikipedia gives you an option to work on the Sandbox. The sandbox is the alternative where you can write a draft article and make changes to it as you carry on with the article. Consider it as a practice ground for your article. 

We would recommend using a sandbox because, as an artist, writing an article might be a little tougher for you, and you might need practice. So, it is always better to work on a draft and then go to the article wizard for submission.  

What to Add To Your Content 

If you ask us how to create a Wikipedia page for a celebrity, we will recommend you keep your focus on the content. Your content represents your profile and builds your reputation among the audience. Wikipedia has a set of different article templates that you need to follow when it comes to putting up an article on your page. 

Here are a Few Tips on What and What Not to Add to Your Wikipedia Content

Be Neutral 

The first thing that you need to learn while writing the content for your Wikipedia artist page is to be neutral with your tone. While it might seem appealing to start your article with a catchy line such as “The Best Celebrity for Gen Z,” make sure you don’t do this. Understand that Wikipedia is not a blog post or a marketing platform; it is an encyclopedia where people go to get information, not learn about how good or bad an artist is. 

You need to write your article with a neutral tone and an unbiased point of view and add information instead of using Wikipedia to promote yourself. Moreover, Wikipedia keeps notice of what’s going on on all pages. If you get noticed for using it for promotion and writing with a Conflict of Interest, your profile might get blocked, and this could lead to a permanent page deletion. 

Only Verified and Credible Resources

When writing facts and information in your article, make sure that you provide a credible and reliable source to back up your information. Wikipedia does not support original content and there are high chances that your page will get rejected for adding that. 

You can realize the importance of referencing by just looking at any Wikipedia page. We are sure that you cannot find any single page on Wikipedia that does not have references on it. Whether you are writing for a celebrity or for a movie, or even for a band or musician, you need to back your information up with resources. 

Also, note that Wikipedia does not allow using just any resource, it must be credible and reliable, and if you think that this is not really important and you can get away with using unreliable resources, you are wrong because Wikipedia does run a check over your references. 

Add Accurate Information 

Since Wikipedia is considered a reliable source of information across the world, it is highly important that you add only accurate information to your content. Whether it is the personal details of the artists and celebrity or their work, you need to make sure everything is accurate and true facts. 

Making up false content could be a problem when working with Wikipedia, and your account can go towards the process of deletion and rejection. 


Step 5: Proofread Your Content

Once you are done with everything and drafting your article, it is highly important to proofread your content to make sure there are no grammar or language errors. Almost every article on Wikipedia is translated into more than 300 languages to make it accessible to people across the world, which is why it is highly essential to ensure that it is error-free in the language it is initially written in. 

Make sure your sentence structure is done rightly, the grammar is correct, and the formatting is done as per the Wikipedia formatting guidelines. Moreover, keep your focus on your citations and follow the same format as specified by Wikipedia. 


Step 6: Submission of the Page 

The last step in your journey of how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist is to send your page for Wikipedia Approval. Wikipedia does not allow direct publication of any article without it being tested for notability, credibility, and Wikipedia community guidelines. Also, this might take a long time, up to months, so you can just relax and wait around, hoping for getting positive feedback and approval for the publication of your profile. 

Even though the rate of rejection on Wikipedia is pretty less, it still exists, and mostly the pages and articles are rejected for petty reasons. While you cannot decide your fate in this regard, all you can do is make sure that you follow each step that we have identified in this guide on how to create a Wikipedia page for an artist to its core! 

The Bottom Line 

Coming to an end to our detailed guide on how to get a Wikipedia artist page, we have a recommendation for you that could help you ease through the process and enjoy a successfully published Wikipedia page, hire Wiki Specialist Inc. Hiring us will be an easy way out for you as you will not have to do anything. We will perform all the work for you. Moreover, we have a team of Wikipedia experts who have learned the Wikipedia community guidelines at their fingertips; hence, there’s no room for error. Contact us now!

FAQs. Wikipedia page for an Artist

To create a Wikipedia page for a band, you need to follow all the Wikipedia policies and guidelines and get all the information you can from the web about the band. Or you can simply hire a professional from Wiki Specialist Inc. to handle the job for you.
Follow the following steps to create an artist profile on Wikipedia;

Step 1: Account Creation
Step 2: Exist Before Creating
Step 3: Find Your Title
Step 4: Start Writing Your Article
Step 5: Proofread Your Content
Step 6: Submission of the Page
Gather all the accurate information about the musician and start following the step-by-step guide to create a Wikipedia page for an artist.
Follow simple policies and guidelines mentioned by Wikipedia and begin with creating your account. Gather your information and shape the article. Or hire Wiki Specialist Inc. to help you get done with all the work without any hassle.
Getting a Wikipedia page as an artist is an easy task. All you need to do is follow some rules and keep up with some simple steps. However, we believe that as an artist, you might not be into performing all these different works because you will not have enough time. So, all you need to do is contact us at Wiki Specialist Inc., and we will get you a Wikipedia page of your own.

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