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How to Create a Wikipedia Biography Page

How to Create a Wikipedia Biography Page


The first site that clicks on one’s mind when looking for information is Wikipedia because that’s the only global website where you can find everything about anything you have been looking for. Whether looking for a person, a concept, a living or a non-living object, if you can find a Wikipedia page for it, you can find all the information on that single page. So, now you will not have to go through the struggle of going through all these different sites to find relative information. 

But have you ever wondered why can you find every answer on Wikipedia? What’s the science behind it? Well, the main reason for its success and source of information is that it is a user-generated website, where the reader and the Wikipedia writer both are the users of the site. Moreover, Wikipedia allows open access to people from across the globe to write and edit Wikipedia pages only if they follow all Wikipedia community guidelines. This allows many fans and followers of hundreds of famous celebrities across the world to create their biographies on Wikipedia. 

So, if you want to create a Wikipedia biography page for your favorite person or even for yourself, here is everything you need to know! 

Before You Begin… 

Before you start looking for questions such as “how to create a Wikipedia biography page?” or “how can you write your own biography on Wikipedia?” we have three points that you must keep in consideration to achieve the best results and avoid any mistakes in publishing your biography page on Wikipedia. Keep in mind that these two points are going to be the base of your Wikipedia biography page, so do your homework perfectly! 

1. Who Are You Writing About? 

Obviously, when you aim to create a Wikipedia biography page, it would be about a person, living or dead, yourself or anyone else, but there’s one thing that’s important; you must be fully aware of who it is. You should have complete information about the person your Wikipedia biography is directed to make sure it does not look incomplete and irrelevant. So, make sure before you begin to create a Wikipedia biography, you know who you are writing about!

2.  Who would be Reading It? 

From the beginning, to create a Wikipedia biography page you must be clear on who it is addressed to. You should know your audience before starting to create your Wikipedia biography page because that’s how you will be able to analyze the tone and structure of your article. This would mean identifying the demographics of the audience such as their age, sex, class, intellect, race, etc.

The Aim to Create a Wikipedia Biography 

Finally, before you start with the creation of your biography page, you must be clear on what are the aims of your page. Is it supposed to be informational, motivational, moral, or inspirational? This aim will give you a direction to place your information in a way that the audience receives the aspect of the biography that you are trying to explain. 

For example, if you want the audience to be inspired by the achievements of Elon Musk, the most successful man on earth, your biography will have stories of achievements that would leave an inspiring effect on the readers. But that does not mean you can directly jump to it, you will add all the information that is required in a biography, and after that, your focus will be on inspiring the audience. 

The Step-by-Step Approach to How to Create a Wikipedia Biography

Now, let’s get back to the steps you will need to follow to create a Wikipedia biography page. Take a look at this brief step-by-step approach on how to make a Wikipedia biography page; 

Step # 1 Get Yourself an Account on Wikipedia

The first thing you need to do to start creating profiles, and writing and editing articles, on Wikipedia, is to get access to be one of the Wikipedians, and how can you do that? By creating your Wikipedia account

Your Wikipedia account will be your entry into the world of Wikipedia and is probably the easiest step in our guide. All you need to do is to click on the “create account” tab that you can find in the top-right corner of any Wikipedia page. It will open a page on which you will be asked to put in your relevant information such as your username, password, email, and CAPTCHA

Once done, you will receive a verification email on the given email address and there, now you are all set to create a Wikipedia biography page. 

Step # 2 Build Up Your Existence

Wikipedia does not recognize and allow the creation of profiles and pages that do not have proof of their existence. This would mean if you don’t have existing online visibility you might not be eligible to request a page or profile. 

Now, you might wonder how you can increase your online presence to get Wikipedia eligibility to move forward to create your Wikipedia biography page. Well, you can do that by looking for the existing Wikipedia pages that might be relevant to your profile and requesting edits to add your name to those Wikipedia pages.  

However, make sure of two things; 

  • Firstly, you need to have at least 7 authentic resources to prove your existence on Wikipedia and make you eligible for requesting to create a Wikipedia Biography page. 
  • Secondly, you cannot start editing Wikipedia pages unless your account is at least four days old and has been verified by Wikipedia through your email. 

Step # 3 Find a Title that’s Available

Moving forward, now you need to find a suitable title for your Wikipedia biography. Usually, the title of the biography is made on the name of the person whose biography it is, but that’s not a compulsion. However, there is a possibility that if you aim to create a Wikipedia biography for a famous person, there might already be a page for that person. 

So, you might not get your hand on the title you want. So, the key is to find a unique title because Wikipedia does not allow two pages with the same title. 

1. The RED/BLUE Links 

When you start typing the title names that you wish for your page, Wikipedia will show either a red link or a blue link under the search bar. If you get a red link, it means that the title you have chosen is unique and does not exist already on Wikipedia and you are good to go. However, if you get a blue link, it would mean that the title already exists and you need to variate it a little to get the unique identity on Wikipedia. 

Step # 4 A Few Tips for Writing the Perfect Biography

Now, let’s get to write a Wikipedia biography. You need to make sure your biography is well-written and has everything a reader would be interested in. Here are a few tips that will help your write your Wikipedia biography in the best possible way; 

1. Keep Your Research Strong 

The first thing that will make your biography authentic and credible is the research you do on the person. The more research you have the more information you will be able to put in the biography and the more reliable your biography will be. You should know every little detail about the life of the person you are writing about to make sure the audience knows the most of them. 

Do your homework and explore all aspects of the life of the person you want to write a biography on, collect this research by looking up online resources, taking the interview of the person themselves or their relatives, get insights on their struggles and achievements, and make sure to add all elements including their personal life to their professional achievements. 

2. Identify Your Thesis 

This is an extremely important element for writing a Wikipedia biography. Your thesis would be the starting paragraph for your biography that will tell the readers what to expect from the article. You can understand it as the abstract of any research article! 

3. Work With an Outline 

An outline is the skeleton of any biography and is one of the most important elements of a Wikipedia biography page. Wikipedia always works with an outline, whether it is a biography or any other page. So, to create a Wikipedia biography, you need to make sure you start by creating an outline for it. 

The outline will include all the subheadings that will be part of your content. The outline will also help the readers identify what information will they be getting from the article and they can also jump directly to the part they are looking for. 

For example, if a reader is looking for the business career of Elon Musk, they can open his Wikipedia biography and instead of reading it from the beginning they can go to the outline and can jump directly to the business career heading.

4. Use Experience in Contrast To Your Thesis 

A pro tip for writing the perfect Wikipedia biography is to stick to your thesis and find experiences from the life of the biography that is in contrast to the given thesis. If your biography aims to tell the readers about the struggles in the life of the biographer that lead to their success, your biography will include those experiences and will connect them to your thesis. 

5. Be Authentic 

One of the most common mistakes that most Wikipedia writers do in order to create a Wikipedia biography page is that they start adding their own views and opinions which results in approval denial. Be authentic and use sourced information only to make your position on Wikipedia. 

Step # 5 The Content You Must Add In a Biography

Now, the question is how you divide and format the content and information on your Wikipedia biography page. To your knowledge, Wikipedia has a special biography template that is advised to most biography writers to follow in order to make sure their page gets approved with minimal risks. 

Following are the main elements from the template that you should follow for best results; 

1. Introduction 

This will be the first two paragraphs of your Wikipedia biography page that will be placed before the contents table on Wikipedia. Consider this as a summary of the biography you are writing. In this summary, you will introduce the person you want to write about, a little demographic information as to their age, gender, caste, origin, and position in the world, as to who they are and what they do! 

You will add all the little details of their life but only to the limit of mentioning because the introduction is always to give an idea to the readers that who the person is, the details are shared in the latter parts! 

2. Early Life 

All biographies on Wikipedia start with the heading “Early Life”, this part as the name suggests, will explain the early life experiences of the subject. This would include the place and time of their birth, a few details on their parents and early family, their early education, their experiences as a child, what culture they followed, the religion they belonged to, etc. 

The purpose of this information is to take back the users to the background of the person they are reading about. It’s all about addressing the beginnings! 

3. Life Description 

Moving further on, the life description will include events such as post-education career choices, the struggles they might have faced during the journey of entering adolescence and moving to adulthood, their mistakes, and the challenges they faced. Moreover, it also includes the parts if the subject has faced a migration, a global crisis, for example, world wars, or even the death of their immediate family members such as parents or siblings. 

This part is directed toward telling the readers what kinds of a struggle this person had to go through to be what they are at the moment. The purpose is to identify that life does not begin easy, it is made easy by facing millions of challenges and struggles. 

You can take a look at the Wikipedia biography of Mark Zuckerberg or even Bill Gates, and you will know that these people are not born as themselves, they have made it to become the most famous and successful people in the world.

4. Married Life and Kids 

Now, you will make the readers enter the next phase of the life of the subject. This will include details about their married life and their kids. Information about their spouse, the story of their marriage, their kids, and what they are up to. Try to keep this part precise and accurate. 

5. Accomplishments and Awards

One of the main elements to create a Wikipedia biography page is to explore the area of awards and achievements of the subject. This is the part that will inspire the readers and will reveal the success of the subject. Not only that but this part will add weight to your content and will actually explain to the readers why this person needs to have a Wikipedia biography. 

Obviously, a person is known for what they have achieved in their life, and without adding their achievements and awards, your Wikipedia biography will always be incomplete! 


When people start to follow a particular person, their views create a great impact on them. Try adding a section of views in the biography of the subject. Use their own quotes and sayings to make sure it passes the credibility test on Wikipedia. 

Include their political, philosophical, religious, and cultural views to tell the beliefs and faiths of the subject to the readers! 

Step # 6 Add Bibliography and Submit for Approval

The last step on your ladder to creating a Wikipedia biography is to add up the citations at the end. You must know that Wikipedia does not allow the publication of any content that does not have a reliable source to back it up.

Once you are done with adding your used references, proofread your content to make sure there are no errors. Put your article on Article Wizard on Wikipedia and submit it for approval. Also, please don’t expect it to be approved and published instantly, it will take time and that could go up to months. However, if you have followed all the steps we have mentioned and taken care of Wikipedia community guidelines, we are sure it will not be rejected! 

The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, your search for how to create a Wikipedia biography page ends here and we hope that all the information you required, you got it! Even now if you have any queries or face any difficulties in order to create a Wikipedia biography page, the best way out is to contact Wiki Specialist Inc. We will make sure that all your questions are answered and not only that but we will also help you do the work! Just let us know your requirements and we will do it all for you and that too at extremely low prices! Call us now!


To add a biography on Wikipedia, all you need to do is follow these simple steps;
Step# 1 Get Yourself an Account on Wikipedia
Step # 2 Build Up Your Existence
Step # 3 Find a Title that’s Available
Step # 4 Follow A Few Tips for Writing the Perfect Biography
  • 1. Keep Your Research Strong
  • 2. Identify Your Thesis
  • 3. Work With an Outline
  • 4. Use Experience in Contrast To Your Thesis
  • 5. Be Authentic
Step # 5 Create the Content You want to Add In a Biography
Step # 6 Add Bibliography and Submit for Approval
To create a Wikipedia biography, you need to make sure you have all the information on the life of the subject you have chosen. Next, you need to learn Wikipedia guidelines and policies and start following them to get it done. Or you can simply hire Wiki Specialist Inc. to do the job for you.
Once you are done with creating the content on the subject. Simply take it to the article wizard on Wikipedia and paste it. Submit and wait for Wikipedia approval.
Add in all the information about yourself from credible sources and write a piece of Wikipedia article. After that, add citations and submit the page to Wikipedia on Article Wizard.
On a standard Wikipedia biography page, you must add the following headings to your content;
1. Introduction
2. Early Life
3. Life Description
4. Married Life and Kids
5. Accomplishments and Awards
All you need to do is gather information about yourself from credible secondary sources on the internet and create a Wikipedia article based on that information. Cite the sources and go for publishing it on the platform.

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