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How To Create A Wikipedia Page for an Author?


Every author dreams to be among the best-sellers and becoming a name that is recognized all around the globe. They speak with their books, and who they are is best reflected in the books they write. However, in this age of technology and the public’s dependency on the internet not only requires an author to write the best book but also get featured on the World Wide Web

The best way to get recognition faster is to get a page on Wikipedia because Wikipedia is the largest encyclopedia to exist in the online world. It is recognized as the top source of information by people all over the world and reaches up to billions of views each year. Not only that, but the website uses advanced levels of Search engine optimization that are always shown among the first five search results for anything. 

Getting a page on Wikipedia will make an author credible and bring reach to them and their books. However, it is not that easy. To be successfully able to create and run a good Wikipedia page, you need to learn how to create a Wikipedia page for an author and learn all the Wikipedia guidelines that you need to follow throughout the process. 

Here, Wiki Specialist Inc. has developed a brief guide for you to tell you everything you need to know about how to create a Wikipedia page for an author. Moreover, we have also covered the aspects that will help you to understand how to create a Wikipedia page for a book. Let’s get started! 

How To Create A Wikipedia Page for an Author? (Begin from the Beginning) 

While learning how to create a Wikipedia page for an author, you need to begin from the beginning. This means learning each step briefly and understanding Wikipedia’s specific guidelines for page creation. Here, we have stated the following basic steps that you need to follow to have a Wikipedia page for an author and the policies that are a must. 

Step 1: Account Creation 

You cannot perform any action on Wikipedia unless you have your own verified account. Whether your goal is to edit or write, if you want to do it on Wikipedia, you need to have a Wikipedia account for it. Go to the create account tab that you can see on the top-right corner of any Wikipedia page creation services and fill in the required details. Verify your email and CAPTCHA, and there, Wikipedia will create your account. 

Make sure you wait around for at least 4 days before you start editing because, as per Wikipedia policy, a new Wikipedian must wait around for at least 4 days before they become eligible for taking actions on the platform. 

Step 2: Proving Your Existence, The Notability Clause 

Only an author who has some credible sources to back up his reputation and information can create a Wikipedia page for themselves. Wikipedia has a strong notability policy, according to which, only those titles and people can have a Wikipedia page who have a credible and reliable online presence. So, before an author gets featured on Wikipedia, they need to get featured on some other online platforms such as book reports, author magazines, etc. 

Moreover, another way to increase your notability on Wikipedia is by working as an editor before writing your own page. What you can do is look for relevant pages and edit them and add the author’s or the book’s name to the content. To become notable as per Wikipedia’s notability criteria, you must have at least seven to eight credible sources to back you up, or else your page will not pass the notability test and will go to rejection. 

Step 3: Searching For Title 

Once you have been successfully suited for Wikipedia’s notability criteria, it is time to move forward to the next phase, the article creation. Begin with searching for the title you wish for your article in Wikipedia. Please note that Wikipedia does not entertain a single title for more than one article. 

Every Wikipedia article must have a unique title, and to check whether your title is available or not, you will have to search it on the search bar and check for the red or blue link. A blue link will suggest that the searched article is not available and has been used before, while the red link will mean that your given title is available and could be used. 

Step 4: Creating the Content 

Once you find the red link, consider that as an indicator for you to start working on your content. The information you want to put on your page. Before we get into the specific guidelines for the author and book separately, consider the following points that will be applicable for both; 

  • Make sure whatever you are writing on your page has a credible source to back it up because if your information is not credible, it will not meet the credibility criteria, and Wikipedia will not be able to verify it. Hence, it will all end up in rejection of the article. 
  • Use no original research. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia which means it is a source of information, it does allow original content and opinions. Anything you are using must be taken from a secondary reliable resource. 
  • Keep your tone neutral. While writing a Wikipedia article, you need to make sure you are writing it from a neutral point of view. Anything written from a biased tone might result in the development of a conflict of interest, which might result in the rejection or deletion of the article. 

What To Include In A Wikipedia Page for an Author? 

When writing for an author, you are supposed to follow the Wikipedia page outline for a person. While looking for how to create a Wikipedia page for an author, you also need to take a look at an article template for a person to help you build an outline for your content. 

Divide your article into the following headings and make sure to add correct information in all the parts; 

1. Early Life

This heading will contain all the information about the author’s life before he became an adult. This goes way back to childhood. You need to understand the fans of a particular author are interested in knowing every little detail about their lives, so in this part, you need to take these fans to the origin of their favourite author. 

Include details such as where was the author born, what was their life as a child, a few details about their parents, something about the culture they followed, etc. All this information will make the fans get to know their favourite author from the beginning and will help them build a deeper connection with them. 

2. Education

Now, you have to take the readers on the educational journey of their favourite author. Include from the beginning, primary to secondary, and then to further education and spare no details. 

Well, most authors do not have a strong educational background, and they usually get into their writing career right after or even from the middle of high school. But it is important to mention whatever there is in this area of their life to provide complete information to the fans. 

3. Professional Career 

In this part, your focus will be on highlighting the author’s journey to becoming a writer. Start with how they get into the field, what inspired them to become a writer and how many professional careers they have opted for. Whether they have faced any challenges or not. All in all, everything that made them a writer must be mentioned in this part. 

4. List of Publications 

An author does not become a reputable author just by writing a single book. They must have written a series of books, and there’s a good chance that many of their fans would not be aware of some of their early publication. Hence, this part of your Wikipedia article will include all the books the author has written to date. Include a list and add a few details about each of the books mentioned. Such as publication details, the theme of the book, and a little glimpse of the story given in the book. 

5. Awards and Achievements 

If the author you are writing about has ever won an award for their work or has even been nominated for their books, this is the part where you will mention them. Having awards and achievements is what makes them successful and inspires others. Hence, it is extremely essential to mention them in your Wikipedia article. 

How To Create a Wikipedia Page For a Book?

If your search is more like how to create a Wikipedia page for a book, you will be following a different outline as you did for an author. Following are the points that need to be included in your content for a Wikipedia page about a book; 

1. About Author 

While writing a Wikipedia page for a book, you need to give readers a summary of who the author is and a few details about their life. In this section, you can include information such as the writing journey of the author and mention the struggles they faced and the success they received for the particular book. You can also include a few details about the personal life of the author and how it influenced their writing journey. The goal here is to make the audience know the author of the book they love. 

2. Characters 

No book is completed without some interesting characters. Not only do they add excitement to the story, but also make the audience connect with them. So, there’s no way you can write a Wikipedia page for a book without mentioning the characters used in the books. We are not saying you to add all the characters because a book has many, but you must add the main characters around whom the story revolves. 

Add details about the characters, such as include their demographic information, and some personality details and give a hint about their role in the story. You can also talk about the specific attributes of each character to develop the interest of your audience. 

3. Genre

Whenever you are choosing a book to read, what’s the first thing you look at about it? For us, it is the genre! We believe that every book reader has a list of a few genres that they love reading about. So, adding details of what genre the book belongs to is an essential part of writing a Wikipedia article about it. Give the details about the type of genre to the readers so that you can get their attention and might intrigue them to read the book your page is about. 

4. Plot 

The plot of the book is what tells the readers the story of the book, the basis on which the story will be developed. Most readers even decide on whether or not they want to read a particular book based on the plot of the book. Include this part on your Wikipedia page for the book and tell your readers about the storyline of the book. 

5. About the Image

Often there are situations when a reader decides to get a book because the cover of the book looks extremely beautiful. So, even though it is optional but you can add details about the design of the book cover and how the author or the publisher came up with this image. Who designed it, and what does it mean. All this information will build a curiosity level for the reader, and he will be intrigued to read the book. 

Step 5: Submission 

Once you are done with writing your content, proofread it once or twice to make sure there are no errors. Once you feel this is good to go, submit the article and move it to the Wikipedia mainspace. Wait for approval from Wikipedia, and keep in mind that this wait can go up to months because Wikipedia has a long list of requested articles. But be glad that your work is over! 

The Bottom Line

If you are not sure of following all these guidelines and have doubts about Wikipedia policies, we have the best option for you! Let Wiki Specialist Inc. take this task out of your hands. Contact us now and let us handle the work for you. From creating your account to coming up with your page title and writing your page content, we will do it all for you! 


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