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How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Politician

How To Create A Wikipedia Page For A Politician


Wikipedia is a platform that has no restrictions as to what and about whom the information can be published. It is the largest online source of information and is adopted by the global audience as their go-to answer book for all questions. From information about the tiniest organisms to the largest places and animals on the planet, from people who have been dead for centuries to living celebrities, from living things to non-living objects, Wikipedia has all the information you would need. 

With more than fifty-six million published articles to thousands of requested articles and each of them being translated into 300 plus different languages, the ocean of information on Wikipedia is limitless. Not just that, but the website has been built on such amazing optimization that it is always shown among the top five results for any search because, well, Google also knows that Wikipedia will have the answer. 

All of these things make Wikipedia a highly reputable platform to gain online reach. Anyone trying to get public fame on online platforms must learn how to create a Wikipedia page so that they can be on the largest encyclopedia in the world. And well, who needs more public fame than a politician? So, if you are a politician, you must consider learning how to create a Wikipedia page for a politician and get done with it for better reach! 

However, making a Wikipedia page for a politician is not as easy as you might think. Firstly, with all the Wikipedia guidelines and policies, and secondly, with the information you will be putting on that page. But well, you don’t have to worry because Wiki Specialist Inc. has made this brief guide for you to make things easier for you! 

Why Does A Politician Need A Wikipedia Page? 

Before we get into how to make a Wikipedia page for a politician, it is important to understand what are the benefits of having a Wikipedia page for a politician, and whether is it really necessary. To answer the latter, yes, it is. To be a successful and renowned politician, it is important to have a Wikipedia page because being the largest source of information, Wikipedia adds credibility to the profile. 

It is extremely beneficial for a politician to have a Wikipedia page because it helps deliver accurate information about the politician and their work to the voters and followers. It tells them who they are and what they stand for in the most authentic and biased-free way. It brings them more exposure because a Wikipedia page targets a broader audience and receives global reach over the course of time. On average, Wikipedia gets around billions of views within a year, which means there are higher chances for you to be recognized by a larger audience through Wikipedia compared to other platforms. 

Moreover, a Wikipedia page will have all the information about you from the beginning of your life to your political journey to your success story. It will help the readers know who you truly are from the beginning and what you have achieved throughout your life. From a few details about your personal life and family to a complete introduction of your political and professional life, a Wikipedia page is the best way to introduce yourself to the audience. Whoever wants to know who you truly are can get all the information through your Wikipedia page. 

All in all, a Wikipedia page could always benefit a politician as it will always help them increase their online visibility and reach out to more people. However, you need to be careful while creating one and follow all the steps as they are to make sure you get a Wikipedia page that easily gets Wikipedia approval. So, basically, you don’t just need to learn how to make a Wikipedia page for a politician; you also need to learn how to get a Wikipedia page approved! 

How To Make A Wikipedia Page For A Politician? 

Follow the following few simple steps to create a Wikipedia page for a politician without any hassles! 

Step 1. Learning The Policies 

Before we move into actual page creation, it is important to learn a few of the most important policies for page creation on Wikipedia. These policies can also be considered as the eligibility criteria for getting your Wikipedia page approved because if a page does not meet these guidelines, there are chances that it might get rejected and go through permanent deletion. 

So, before you start making your Wikipedia page for a politician, you must check the boxes stated by these policies; 

  • Notability 

This is the most important policy set by Wikipedia and could not be ignored. As per the notability principle of Wikipedia, only the subjects that have reached a particular level of online visibility can be used to create a Wikipedia page. So, the politician about whom you are planning on creating a Wikipedia page must be notable on other online platforms before they can get on Wikipedia. 

The science behind this policy is that Wikipedia is an Encyclopedia, so, it can only use information that has already been published. So, if the subject will not have any online presence, it is obvious that they will also not have any information available. So, ultimately, the page will not be created. 

  • Content Policies 

Content is the building block of a Wikipedia page as it is the information one is looking for. There are three core content policies stated in the Wikipedia list of policies that must be followed in all articles on Wikipedia. 

  •  Neutral Point of View

First, the tone of the content you are writing must be neutral. All the information you are adding to your page must be free from all biases and personal opinions. You need to understand that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and not a page for promotions and debates. 

All you will be doing is taking information from other online resources and assembling it all together on one page, so, there’s no room for personal biases. All articles on Wikipedia must be written from a neutral point of view, or else there could be a policy breach and conflict of interest. Consequences of which could be page rejection or deletion. 

  • No Original Research

No Wikipedia article can be written based on original research. By original research, it is addressed any statement, fact, theory, or idea, that has not been published in reliable secondary sources. Such information could not be used in Wikipedia articles because there will be no source to back that up. Wikipedia requires you to cite any information you are adding on the page, so, if it has not been published, it could not be cited. So, ultimately, it could not be added to the page. 

  • Verifiability 

Lastly, the third core content policy by Wikipedia i.e. verifiability, states that any information added on the page that could be raised questions must have a backup source to verify it. Not just that, even if you are stating a piece of simple information on which there could not be any questions, it must also be verifiable even if you don’t cite that. So, to sum it up, all the information added on a Wikipedia page must be verifiable through reliable sources. 

Step 2. Creating Your Wikipedia Account 

After understanding these main policies by Wikipedia, if you believe that you are eligible from a notability perspective, the next step for you will be to create a Wikipedia account. For that, all you need to do is to go to the create account tab on a Wikipedia page and fill in the required information. 

You will be asked to add a username, and an email, create a password and verify a CAPTCHA to move forward. For username, you need to take a look at username policies to get a better understanding of what kind of username you can create and where it will be used on Wikipedia. However, when creating a Wikipedia page for a politician, it is recommended to use a nickname instead of using the real name. The reason is that the username will be displayed on all the actions you will take on the site, from editing the existing pages to creating new ones. So, it is better to keep the real identity hidden. 

Once you have created your Wikipedia account, you can now edit and write on Wikipedia, but you need to wait for four days before that. 

Step 3. Your Page Name 

It is time to move forward to your main goal of creating a Wikipedia page for a politician. To begin with that, the first thing to do is to find your page title, which will be the name of the politician about whom the page is. Enter the name in the bar and look out for the color of the link shown below. Wikipedia will either show you a red link which is good, or a blue one which would be a hurdle in your way. 

The red link means that the title you have searched for is unique and does not exist on Wikipedia. Hence, a page under that name could be created. While on the other hand, the blue one will mean that the page already exists and you cannot use that name again. 

Now, a blue one could be good for you only if the existing page is about the same person you aim to write about. In this situation, you can simply edit the page and add the additional information you want. However, the problem will occur when the existing page is about some other person with the same name. Now, you will have to come up with another title. Keep in mind, that the goal is to get a red link because, without that, you will not be able to move forward. 

Step 4. Adding Content


Once you successfully get a red link for your politician’s Wikipedia page, the next goal is to add the content to your Wikipedia page. Wikipedia has a particular template for an active politician that you need to follow to create a Wikipedia page for a politician. Make sure to add the following information to the content of the page. 

  • Summary 

These would be the few beginning paragraphs of the Wikipedia page. Here you will add a gist of the information you will be sharing throughout the page. The goal of this summary is to introduce the readers to the politician about whom the page is. You need to give out some information that is enough to make readers want to know more! 

  • Early Life 

Here, you will take the readers back to the time when the politician was born. Tell them about their childhood, their birthplace, their parents, their siblings, their culture, etc. 

  • Education 

All politicians take a brief ride on the education train before they can become successful politicians. So, at this point, you will take the readers on that train. Tell them about their education, starting from early primary to higher education. 

  • Career 

No one becomes a politician on the day they think of becoming one. They need to go through a long professional journey to reach their goal. The career section will highlight that. From the jobs they did to their entry into the political world and how they become a politician, all will be shared in this part. 

  • Political Journey 

Here, you will tell the readers about the political journey of the politician you are writing about. Tell them if they have been in government, about their political party, what position they have been in, etc. 

  • Achievements 

A politician becomes successful by achieving several milestones throughout their journey. Tell the readers about these milestones and mention if they have been awarded honors. 

Step 5. Proofread and Submit 

After adding all the information, you can take a breath and sigh because the tough part is over. Now, what’s left is to proofread the content to make sure there are no errors and format it to increase readability. Once that’s done, you can submit the article and wait for Wikipedia to approve it for you!

The Bottom Line

Creating a Wikipedia page is no less than a rollercoaster ride. There are so many things to look at and take care of that one might get confused. If you think that all of this is too much to handle for you and you need to find an easy way out, Wiki Specialist Inc. is here for your rescue. Our team of Wikipedia experts is ever ready to serve you and create successful Wikipedia pages for you. Contact us now and let us do the work for you, and that too under your budget!


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