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How To Create A New Article on Wikipedia

How To Create A New Article on Wikipedia


Have you been looking for answers on the internet? Well, then, we are sure that you must have been on Wikipedia at least a few times in your life. It is the best place to find any information about anything in the world and is rated among the top five most viewed sites on the internet. Millions of people across the globe trust Wikipedia for their information and views the site for quite literally everything. 

From businesses to people to places to movies to things, Wikipedia brings you knowledge about everything you are looking for. Search something on Google, and we are sure that you will see Wikipedia among your top five results. So, with this information, we are confident that you must have gotten a pretty good idea about how well-recognized Wikipedia is in the world; after all, it is the largest online encyclopedia on the web

Now, have you ever wondered who puts all this information on Wikipedia? It is definitely not the work of just the two founders, right? Well, the answer is that people from all across the globe do this job. Yes, Wikipedia allows user-generated information, which means that anyone from anywhere on the globe can write and edit on Wikipedia. So, the information you see on these pages, it is not just from one author. There could be multiple writers and editors who have worked on that page. 

Does this all information have intrigued you to have your own article on Wikipedia? Well, that’s actually not a bad idea; you can have your own article on Wikipedia. All you need to do is understand a few policies and guidelines you must follow to create a new Wikipedia page or article, and that’s it; follow them all together, and you can have your own Wikipedia article. Here, to make things easier for you, Wiki Specialist Inc. has brought a detailed guide that includes all the information and steps you need to create a new article on Wikipedia. Let’s get started; 

Learning How To Create A New Article on Wikipedia 

As we have already emphasized enough that Wikipedia is a huge platform, and getting your own article on this platform is a big achievement. So, to make sure that you get to enjoy that achievement for a long and that your Wikipedia article remains on the platform without the risk of deletion, follow the following instructions! 

Step 1. Is Your Subject Notable Enough? 

Wikipedia does not allow just any article to be published. There are a few eligibility standards that make a subject good enough to have an article on Wikipedia. And the most important of these standards is the notability criteria of Wikipedia. For Wikipedia, the notability of the subject of the article is extremely important because if you fail to prove that your subject is notable, you might not get an article on Wikipedia. So, the first thing you need to do is evaluate the notability of your subject. Is my subject notable enough? 

The notability is referred to as the online presence of the subject on secondary online resources. Keep in mind that these resources must be independent of the subject and must hold credibility on the internet. If you are able to prove that your subject exists and is notable enough to deserve an independent Wikipedia article, then only you can proceed, or else your article might never be seen on Wikipedia. 

The best way to boost your notability is by hiring a professional SEO expert to assess your subject’s existing notability and make sure to increase it if it is not up to the mark of Wikipedia. You need to get your subject on some of the big internet names such as Forbes, New York Times, etc., and then it’s a smooth journey for you. 


Step 2. Create Your Wikipedia Account 

If the notability box is checked out, then you are good to go with the process of creating a new article on Wikipedia. Begin with creating your verified Wikipedia account because that account is your gateway to entering the world of Wikipedia. Without an account, you can visit the site but cannot create a new article. Simply go to any Wikipedia page, and you will see create account tab on the top right corner of that page. 

Go to the tab, add details, verify your email address, and there, you will have your own Wikipedia account. To make your account credible, it is advised that you start with editing the existing articles first and then create a new article on Wikipedia. Moreover, you need to wait for four days before you can do these actions on Wikipedia, as it is Wikipedia’s policy


Step 3. Look out for the Page Title 

Now that you have your account, the next step is to search for your article title. As per Wikipedia policy, no title could ever be repeated on the platform. So, the title you have in mind for your Wikipedia article, it must be unique and must not have an already existing Wikipedia page. Now, how will you know that? Well, Wikipedia has made this easier for you! 

Search for the title in the bar, and Wikipedia will show you a link for the title. Now, that link will tell you whether the title you want is available or not. If it is a blue link, it seems like a bad day for you because the title has already been used, and you need to look for something else. If it is a red link, then it is good to go, as your title passes the unique test for Wikipedia. You will see a link saying “ask to be created” right beside that red link. Click on that link, and voila! You have your page ready to have an article!


Step 4. Writing the Content For Your Article


This is the most important part of learning how to create a new article on Wikipedia. As they say, your content tells your user a lot about who has written it, and it is what the readers come looking for. While you can not be a lot of yourself when writing a Wikipedia article because of the strict content policies (which we will discuss later), there is still room for creativity to develop your reader’s interest. Wikipedia articles are precise, full of information, yet well-written, which is mainly the reason why the platform reaches billions of views every year. 

When it comes to content policies, Wikipedia follows three main policies that must be adopted by anyone who wishes to create a new article on Wikipedia; 

  • No Original Research 

Wikipedia authors have made it clear from the beginning that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, and that’s how you must treat it. It must not be considered a marketing platform where businesses could target customers and sell their products, neither should it be considered a debate platform where one could add their personal opinions and share their personal views. It is a medium from where people around the globe can access proven, authentic information. 

Wikipedia follows a strict content policy of no original research that restricts the writer to include any piece of information that has not been proven or published yet. This could be any theory, opinion, or view; if it is not published on other platforms, it can not be on Wikipedia. 

  • Verifiability 

The next content policy of Wikipedia is about the verifiability of the content. Wikipedia has a strict policy of only including information in articles that could be verified by credible and reliable online resources. You need to provide a source for where you get the information so that your content can be verified. 

Many people on Wikipedia make the mistake of taking this policy lightly and include information without a backup source, and thus, get their page rejected or deleted by Wikipedia. So, if you think Wikipedia would not know, it will because it runs a test of verification on the articles before approving them. So to get a page approved by Wikipedia, add information that is verifiable. 

  • Neutral Views 

When writing a Wikipedia article, keep in mind that you have to write it with a neutral point of view because any biased or opinionated information will bring your article down on Wikipedia. This clause is extremely important in learning how to create a new article on Wikipedia because your opinions will bring a conflict of interest to your article. This is why it is advised when you are creating a Wikipedia article about yourself to hire a professional to write that article so that there is no conflict of interest. 


Step 5. Formatting Your Wikipedia Article 

When you are done with writing the content for your article, you are almost completed with your article. There are only a few things left to do, which you can do easily when you have finally reached this stage. The next step here is to format your article now and finalize it to get it for approval. 

Follow the basic formatting for Wikipedia articles that includes creating an introduction, adding headings and subheadings, and keeping small paragraphs. Make sure to look out for errors as each Wikipedia article gets translated into more than 300 languages, so being error-free is important to keep the information accurate. Moreover, you can use your creativity while formatting to increase the readability of your article. 

Step 6. Adding Citations 

Throughout this guide, we have talked about references and sources quite many times, and now is your time to cite all these references in your Wikipedia article. Learn how to add references to Wikipedia because a Wikipedia article is incomplete without these citations and is less likely to get approval. So, whatever information you have added in your article, get their sources and cite them in your article. Add citations both throughout the article and at the end. The more citations you will have, the more credible your article will be. So, keep an eye out for citations, and follow the Wikipedia citation process to keep things simple! 

Step 7. Submit Your Article To Wikipedia 

Finally, now you are all done with learning how to create a new article for Wikipedia as you have your article all ready by now. Give it a final read and if you are completely satisfied with how it has turned out, go for the submission. Keep in mind that getting Wikipedia approval is extremely important as it tells you whether your article will survive on Wikipedia in the long run or not. 

Also, please note that getting Wikipedia approval is a time taking process as Wikipedia gets requests for thousands of articles to be created every day. So, yours might take up to weeks or months, but you need to be patient about it! And well, if you have followed all the above-mentioned steps clearly and have taken care of the policies and guidelines, then you are successfully learned how to get a Wikipedia page approved, so you will get the approval! 

The Bottom Line 

When you start to think about creating a new article on Wikipedia, we are sure you haven’t thought of this detailed process and this many policies and guidelines. We know that this could be a little too overwhelming for someone who is just a beginner in the world of Wikipedia, and that is why we have a shortcut for you; hire Wiki Specialist Inc. to do the job for you! 

At Wiki Specialist Inc., we have a team of professional Wikipedia experts who have these policies and guidelines at their fingertips and have years of experience in creating Wikipedia articles for our hundreds of clients. So, all you have to do now is simply connect with us anytime, as our service is available 24/7 and tell us your requirements for the Wikipedia article. Our team will take care of the rest and create a top-notch Wikipedia article for you. Moreover, we offer quality work and that too at the most reasonable packages. Connect with us now to get your package today! 


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