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How Do You Get Your Name Appear On Wikipedia

How Do You Get Your Name Appear On Wikipedia?

What is being famous for you? Getting yourself on the internet or having a good fan base? Well, getting your name on various online platforms is one thing, but in this age, to achieve the maximum level of online recognition is to get your name to appear on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the largest source of information on the internet, and billions of people visit the site each year to get answers to their questions. 

It is listed among the top most viewed websites on Wikipedia and has information about everything you need to know. Whether it is about a person, a place, a thing, or even a business or a brand, Wikipedia will have the information you need. In today’s age, those who want to get recognized by the global audience need to learn how to make your name appear on Wikipedia. 

It is a difficult journey with following all the Wikipedia rules and guidelines, but we will make this process easier for you by making it all clear to you. Wiki Specialist Inc. aims to serve all individuals with an easy guide to help them learn how to enroll in Wikipedia. 

So, don’t get confused with anything and learn it all in the following guide. From how to make your name appear on Wikipedia to how you can meet Wikipedia eligibility criteria, we have listed all the relevant information in this guide. 

So, let’s get started; 

Most Important: Notability 

Before we even get started on answering your question about how do I put my name on Wikipedia, it is important that you must understand the notability criteria set by Wikipedia. Keep in mind that if you are not notable as per this criteria, Wikipedia will not approve your page, and you will not be able to add your name to Wikipedia. 

As per Wikipedia, notability is defined as a person’s online presence on credible and reliable secondary resources. It requires the person to already have enough online visibility to get a mention on Wikipedia. You need to understand that Wikipedia is not a social media or marketing platform where you will be creating your profile. It is an encyclopedia where you will have to provide a source for whatever information you will be adding to it. 

If you don’t have enough notability, you need to create that for yourself to get yourself a presence on Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia Core Content Policies 

When it comes to learning how you get your name on Wikipedia, your main focus will be the content that you will put on the page. So, before we get into how to register in Wikipedia and get your name on it, we will be discussing the three core content policies set by Wikipedia; 

1. No Original Research 

Keep in mind that whatever you are writing on Wikipedia, could not be original research. By original research, we mean any fact, statement, theory, or concept that has not yet been published on a reliable secondary source on the internet. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that works with only published facts and information, and having original research will eventually lead you to page deletion. 

Only when you have a credible source to back your information or the fact that you have stated, it will be allowed to add to the article. If you want to add something on Wikipedia that is not published on any other source, you need to get that done before. 

2. Verifiability 

The policy of verifiability is linked with that of the no original research. As per this clause, the links and information that you will be added to the Wikipedia page must be verifiable by credible resources. If you are stating a fact, a statement, a quotation, or a claim, you must make sure that it is verifiable by a reliable internet source. 

3. Neutral Point of View 

Lastly, the third of the core content policies of Wikipedia is about the tone you will use in your article. Your tone cannot be opinionated or biased and must be neutral throughout the article. This could be a problem if you are writing the page for yourself or someone you are related to. In such cases, you might get biased, and there could be a conflict of interest that could bring you to the level of getting rejected at the final stage. A neutral point of view is extremely important for Wikipedia, and you must take care of that. 

Username Policy 

Often when people aim toward getting their name on Wikipedia, they don’t aim to create a new page under their name. They aim to start editing Wikipedia and add their name to the existing information in the same regard. Whichever your case is, the first step will always be creating a Wikipedia account. 

Go to the create account button on the top right corner of any Wikipedia page and fill in your information such as username, password, email, etc. But wait, before you enter your username, it is important to come up with a username as per the username policy of Wikipedia. 

Keep in mind that whatever username you will be adding on the tab will be the name of your account and will be displayed on every edit you make or every article you write. So, it is always recommended to use a nickname instead of your real name, but it is not prohibited. The recommendation is just to avoid all kinds of risks that you might get into. Another reason why we want you to give it a good thought is because the username that you will opt for now will be throughout your Wikipedia journey and requires a very difficult process to change. And even if you successfully change the username, your old username will still be visible on the website on the previous edits you make or pages you created. 

Create Your Account and Get Your Name! 

The simple and the best solution to get your name on Wikipedia is to create an account on Wikipedia. You can get your account by adding your username, email, password, and CAPTCHA identification. That’s it, click on the create your account tab, and there, you will have a Wikipedia account for yourself. Your name will now appear on every edit you make or article you write on Wikipedia. 

Now, all you need to do is to wait for four days before performing actions on Wikipedia, and then you are free for all. But make sure you don’t violate any of the Wikipedia policies or guidelines, or else you might get your account deleted by Wikipedia. 

1. Create a Page for Yourself

If your goal is to create a Wikipedia page about yourself, then you must follow the following simple steps we have mentioned, and you will have your page. But before you start with these, ask yourself whether or not you meet the notability criteria set by Wikipedia? If yes, then move forward, and if no, then take a step back and build notability for yourself to get an independent page for yourself. 

2. Is Your Title Available? 

After successfully creating a Wikipedia account for yourself and passing the notability, your next concern is whether your page title is available or not. Wikipedia does not allow any two pages to be named with the same title, so if your given title is not available, then there must be another page with your name. If you are a famous person, there is a chance that this might be you, but if not, then this means that a person with your same name is more famous than you and has already created a Wikipedia page for themselves.  

Now, how will you know whether your name is available for use or not? Well, once you type your name on the page title header, you will see either a blue or a red link below that. The blue link would mean that the name is taken and cannot be used, while the red link will be the good news for you to move forward. 

At this point, getting a red link is extremely important because if you don’t get one, you will not be able to move forward with anything and will be stopped at this stage only. 

3. Create Content for Your Page 

Now that you have your title, the only ground to play is with the content. It is time to start writing the content you will be adding to your Wikipedia page. Make sure to follow the three core content policies we mentioned earlier. Content is one of the most important aspects of learning how to make your name appear on Wikipedia because your name will be written in this content. 

Write an informative article and do not include a tone of biases that might lead to a conflict of interest. Get all the information you can about yourself from credible internet sources. Write this content as best as you can because this is you telling the readers who you are. Include all the details about your life, beginning from your childhood and early life to your personal and educational life to your career and achievements. This will be your biography, and it needs to be perfect. Your content will speak with your readers, and you need to make sure that it is interesting but not biased. 

Try to be as positive as you can and generate content that will keep the reader attached to the page till the end. 

4. Format & Proofread 

After you have your content ready, the next part is to move forward with formatting your article. Divide the content into subheadings, use small sentences, and take a look at the structure and flow of sentences. Keep in mind that as good as your formatting will be, the better readability will be for your readers. It is a fact that articles that are formatted well have reached more audiences than those who have just used a jargon of words and filled in the information. 

After formatting, the last nail to pin is to proofread the article. To get your page actually published on Wikipedia, it is important that it does not have errors, both grammatical and writing. The fewer errors your article has, the more chances for it to get approved. 

5. Submitting the Page 

Now, you have done your side of the work, and it is time to leave things to Wikipedia. Submit your page on Wikipedia and wait for the approval. Also, don’t expect that the minute you will upload the article, you will get it approved the next. This could take time, and that time could go up to months. All you can do is hope that your article does not get rejected and successfully passes all the checks that Wikipedia has to apply. 

The Bottom Line 

Getting your name to appear on Wikipedia is not an easy task. Even though there are many ways to do it, all of them require one to have good knowledge of Wikipedia. If you think you don’t possess that much knowledge and will not be able to do it right, don’t worry! We got you. Wiki Specialist Inc. brings you an opportunity to get all your Wikipedia work done by highly professional Wikipedia experts, and that too at the most affordable prices. Call us now and tell us your requirements and let us work for you! 


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